Thought Economics (2020/21)

Since 2007, Vikas has been interviewing some of the leading thinkers in the world on his journal. Thought Economics.

Through MOM Books these interviews are being published into an incredible collection of conversations with the people who have changed the world.

Some of the interviewees include: Kareem Abdul Jabbar (Sportsman & Philanthropist), Melinda Gates (Co-Chair, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation), Deepak Chopra, Sir Richard Branson (Founder, Virgin Group), Sheryl Sandberg (COO, Facebook), Peter Diamandis (Entrepreneur & Philanthropist), Buzz Aldrin (Apollo Astronaut), Usain Bolt (‘The World’s Fastest Man’), Steve Ballmer (Former CEO, Microsoft), Brian Grazer (Film Producer), Will.I.Am (Entrepreneur & Music Producer), Hasan Minhaj (Comedian & Host), David Blaine (Magician), Cmdr. Chris Hadfield (Astronaut & Commander of ISS), Dr. Jordan B. Peterson (Author & Researcher), Nile Rodgers (Musician & Producer), Ai WeiWei (Artist & Activist), Elif Shafak (Author), Noam Chomsky (Public Intellectual), Garry Kasparov (Chess Grand Master), Dr. Jane Goodall (Primatologist), Moby (Musician & Producer), Maya Angelou (Writer & Activist), Sir James Dyson (Founder, Dyson), Perez Hilton (Celebrity Writer), Wim Hof (The Iceman), Jameela Jamil (Actress, Host & Activist), Kevin O’Leary (Shark Tank), John Sculley (Former CEO, Apple), F.W. de Klerk (Former President of South Africa), Bertie Ahern (Former Prime Minister of Ireland), Rose McGowan (Artist, Activist), Elif Shafak (Author), AJ Mendez (Former Wrestler & Author), Jordan Belfort (The Wolf of Wall Street), Moby, Rita Ora & Hans Zimmer, Garry Kasparov (Chess Grand Master), Usain Bolt (The World’s Fastest Man), Bear Grylls (TV Host & Author), Marina Abramovic (Artist), Donna Karan (Founder, DKNY), David Bailey & Rankin, Philippe Starck (Designer), Manny Pacquiao (Boxer & Politician), Stephen A. Schwarzman (CEO, Blackstone Group), 4 Nobel Peace Prize Winners on global peacebuilding.

3650 – 10 Years of Poetry in 2017

Vikas published a compendium of his poetry, written across 10 years of his life, chronicling his journey through depression, suicide attempts, and recovery- and his reflections on the beauty and purpose of life.

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Recent reviews

Eastern Eye

“the living must be allowed to rest in peace – these short poems are long on beauty and wisdom” – Tony Walsh – Longfella (Poet)

“Sensitive, intelligent, affecting” – Deborah Orr, Guardian

“…there is great humanity and wisdom in this beautiful and intimate collection of poetry. Vikas Shah’s poems may have been inspired by pain but they reveal a beauty and insight that is born out of brokenness. Each poem goes to form a stunning mosaic where all the colours are significant; the kind of poetry that is precious precisely because it suggests more than it declares.” – Marina Cantacuzino, Founder – Forgiveness Project

‘The upside of being down is always art that touches the heart. Spare lines of outwardly serene expression feel hard earned and made me smile. There is joy to find here, and a very deep soul in profound dialog with life is revealed…’ – Doug Menuez, Photographer

“This collection of moving poems is the powerful culmination of 10 years worth of inner reflection and healing. A must read for all ages.” – June Sarpong

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Vikas Shah MBE
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