See what people and clients think, and say about Vikas through their own words of wisdom.


“I am the CEO of an international energy trading company looking to expand my operations in a competitive and complex environment. Vikas provided a thorough analysis of my needs and where I needed to prioritise my energy, time and resources. He provided key differentiators to make certain that I wasn’t repeating past mistakes disguised as new methods, but instead gave me distinguishing features to pull swiftly ahead of the competition. Vikas has a depth of knowledge and intellect with an ability to draw unparalleled insights.”

— HH (Entrepreneur, USA)

“Vikas has been of huge support to me over the last few years. He’s been a mentor to me and supported, guided and challenged me to step out of my comfort zone and really develop as a person both personally and professionally. The knowledge and experience Vikas has has been of great service to me especially in the business world. Vikas is a great guy, really caring with a huge amount of skills that so many people would benefit from. I highly recommend Vikas as a coach / mentor and feel very lucky to know him!”


“I have found him to be one of the most articulate, intelligent and creative individuals I have met, with a deep and thorough understanding of modern business dynamics. He also has the rare ability to advise on execution and implementation of ideas unlike other consultants I have come across.”

— KS (Serial Entrepreneur, UK/USA)

“What sets Vikas apart is his innate capacity to communicate with the human being behind the business. He possesses a rare synergy of emotional intelligence and intellect that transpires into thought-provoking and motivating mentoring. Business knowledge, of which he has an unparalleled abundance, is learned through lived experience. But his intrinsic ability to understand you as an individual, connect with your drivers and bring your assets to light is what makes Vikas a unique mentor and powerhouse entrepreneur.”

— Sarah S, Biotechnology Entrepreneur

Vikas is truly one of a kind. He is an expert in entrepreneurship, with an abundance of experience and knowledge across all different industries, which he brings to every discussion. He is a real innovator and is extremely passionate about his mentees succeeding- challenging and supporting them in every way he can. He has been an incredible mentor, his generosity knows no bounds and his actions make the world a much better place for entrepreneurs. Vikas has been invaluable- it is such an honour to have met him and to have him as my mentor.”

— Rachel B, Fashion Entrepreneur

Vikas is the TiE President and a Charter Member of TiE UK North. He is a very popular mentor across many sectors which include early stage start-up businesses, digital and technology, manufacturing. He is an excellent presenter and interviewer with a style that has seen him host global leaders both in the UK and overseas.”

— Ann Jordan, Executive Director, TiE UK North

“Vikas has been my mentor from day one of starting my own business and played an important part in my personal development. I have very much valued his encouragement, guidance and knowledge. He challenges my thinking and have learned so much from him. Vikas has great positive energy and is very supportive.”

— Maria M, Health Entrepreneur

“Having Vikas as a mentor means that I have someone whom I can talk to about what I am thinking, and this conversation often leads to me being able to look at issues differently.”

— RS (Engineering Entrepreneur, UK/India)

“I first encountered Vikas while looking for ways to expand my photography business and improve client retention. He’s got a wealth of both personal experience in his own business and in mentoring others to succeed in theirs, and he’s always generous about sharing it. He’s also exceptionally well plugged into the business world, across a surprising number of sectors. My coaching interactions with Vikas have really helped form my more useful approach to running my business, and I plan to carry on taking advantage!”

— PT (Entrepreneur, UK)

“Vikas’ brain works differently to anyone else I know. It’s like a souped-up Pentium Processor. His incredible understanding of the art of business and unique strategic thinking always brings a new perspective to any situation. He’s hugely generous with his knowledge, time and contacts.”

— John M. (Serial Entrepreneur, UK)

Dr. Vikas Shah MBE – Entrepreneur
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